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Below are tributes for our beloved Leanne

“Leanne embodied the Native Hawaiian spirit of aloha, which she brought to everything she did, whether it was PIC productions or travelling to the halls of congress to advocate for the support of public broadcasting,”

CAAM Executive Director Stephen Gong.

“Leanne always brought an equal amount of mutual respect and friendship as we worked together to elevate our communities in unity. We at CAAM will miss her deeply.”

CAAM Director of Programs Don Young,

A bright light in the world, she empowered, inspired, and elevated our voices and our stories. We are blessed that she is part of our stories and her spirit remains through all those she touched.

Mary, James, Tolua and Lori

The Pacific Islands Development Program team

“Leanne treated all the people in her life with compassion and understanding.

President Pat Harrison

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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Kaʻiulani Ellen

Kang Ferrer

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